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Shiatsu massage (literally, the term "shiatsu" means finger pressure) is an art derived from Taoism based on manual acupressure treatment, developed in Japan in the 17th century and mainly composed of pressure and stretching.

The theoretical thought and technical foundations underlying it derive from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the disorder or illness are attributed to nothing other than a poor flow of our internal energy, called Ki or (Qi). This energy flows fluidly like water both outside and inside our physical body, conveyed in specific channels of passage (meridians). When the flow of energy is disrupted, what we define as illness occurs.


Through shiatsu massage, it is possible to positively intervene on such imbalance by using physical manipulation of the meridians and acupuncture points of Chinese medicine.

Shiatsu massage: what is it for?

Shiatsu massage, being a holistic technique, takes care of the individual in its full entirety, meaning it doesn't treat the symptom but all the causes that have led to it, which can be of two types: internal pathogenic causes, those related to the emotional and psychological state, or external pathogenic causes, related to external agents such as wind, cold, heat, humidity, etc. By placing the individual and their disharmony on a global level, they are observed in their completeness, trying to understand the causes that have led to that particular pathology recognizable as a symptom. After a careful and detailed energy assessment, it will be possible to establish an appropriate and personalized work strategy.

It's important to approach shiatsu massage with a different attitude than our "Western" habit of expecting medicine to "solve the problem" for us. With shiatsu, the goal is to maintain a state of well-being or to seek the causes that have caused the illness (disharmony) and through a change, even in lifestyle, remove them.

Shiatsu massage: the benefits

Among the benefits of shiatsu massage are the following:

- Improved relationship with others
- Relaxation of stiffness
- Increased knowledge of one's own body
- Restoration of the balance of one's own body
- Reduction of anxiety and stress

If you are in Milan, near the Central Station, take advantage of a rejuvenating shiatsu massage at my studio, in via Gluck, 50. I'll be waiting for you!



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