Massages in Viareggio from 24 June to 25 August 2024

From 24 June to 25 August 2024 I provide massages in Viareggio.
You can call me for a massage in Torre del Lago, Viareggio

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Tantra Massage in Milan

tantra spalla3Unlocking Bliss: Understanding the Magic of Tantra Massage

In the bustling world of wellness and self-care, one practice stands out for its profound ability to unlock hidden realms of pleasure and relaxation: Tantra Massage. Far more than just a physical experience, Tantra Massage transcends the ordinary, delving deep into the realms of spirituality and connection.

What is Tantra Massage?



massaggio sportivo


Deep Tissue Massage is a sporting massage that is done before and after the sports performer. 

The aim is to prepare the athlete, both amateur and professional, for performance, promote recovery, lower muscle tone and restore flexibility and mobility. When small injuries occur due to overload or excessive stretching of the muscles, we intervene by speeding up the recovery process. Finally, sports massage has positive effects on blood and lymphatic circulation, normalizing pressure.

Relaxing anti-stress massage in Milan

massaggio antistress


Anti-stress massage adequately prevents the number one enemy of health, work efficiency, and family harmony: stress must be managed with competence and skill. Since there are no effective pharmacological therapies to treat it, learning mental and behavioral anti-stress strategies is of vital importance for psychophysical well-being. Indeed, awareness of the type of stress and discontent present at home or in the work environment stimulates the search for solutions to optimize tension, creating a favorable atmosphere.

Holistic massage in Milan


massaggio a milano

Emotions, fears, inhibitions, discomforts, expectations, worries. You never stop getting to know a person. The body indeed contains the integrity of a person, and hidden within each cell there is life that speaks, expresses itself, and asks to be listened to and welcomed.

No part can therefore be neglected. From the feet to the hands, from the knees to the elbows, from the buttocks to the shoulders, from the back to the chest, and then the abdomen with all the internal organs, the neck and the head, which is the seat of our mind and our psyche, therefore our great fortune but also the starting point for much of our physical and psychological discomforts, our "contractions".

Emotional massage in Milan


massaggio emotional


I'm not sure if you've ever stopped to reflect and realized that you can't get excited anymore, that you're no longer able to perceive "beautiful" sensations. You would need to rediscover a deeper connection with your body, which concretely means reconnecting with yourself, your spirit, your soul.

Emotional Massage is an engaging and experiential treatment, where all 5 senses are involved. Emotional Massage aims to awaken enthusiasm, the joy of living, the beauty that has always existed within you.

Armando Migliolaro naturopath massage therapist

armando migliolaro

Who is Armando Migliolaro?

I've traveled a long road before embarking on this journey. For 20 years, I was an entrepreneur.

I managed a wellness hotel in a renowned spa destination: Abano - Montegrotto Terme. One day, after careful analysis and reflection on my life, I realized that the life I was living wasn't exactly what I wanted. I understood that by continuing on this path, I would never achieve the inner peace and happiness I desired. I took a sabbatical and flew to Australia for two months to seriously and thoroughly evaluate how I intended to spend the remaining part of my existence.

I left Padua and my previous life behind and began this new, fabulous, and endless journey in Milan. Even in Padua, I followed spiritual evolution groups in the context of REIKi and other disciplines. I didn't anticipate that the desire for spirituality and wellness would soon translate into a life choice and a profession that would bring me so much satisfaction and confirmation.


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